Oxylog 3000 Plus

by Sam Walter Wak
Oxylog_3000 image


The above is the cheat sheet for the oxylog 3000 plus. If you’re clueless to what all this means, please refer to the guide below.

GUIDE 1 : Ventilator Setup

Setting up the ventilator for tubed patients
The basic setup for Non COPD / non asthmatic patients
The basic setup for COPD / asthmatic patients
What to do if the patient is DESATURATING ?!
Additional notes

GUIDE 2 : NIV Setup

Setting up the Oxylog for NIV
Indications and contraindications for CPAP or BiPAP
How to setup for BiPAP ?
How to setup for CPAP ?

Watch the videos
Oxylog 3000 basic knobology video
Watch Owning the Oxylog 3000 video

The complete cheat sheet is here –> The complete Oxylog-3000 plus guide, with settings for pressure control strategy included.

If you absolutely have to read the manual, click here.

Ok, it’s for the oxylog 3000 basic. I have not been able to locate a 3000 plus manual. Let me know if you have one.